More Boating Safety & Survival Gear

Boat Safety Horn

Falcon Safety
Push Button Horn

Navigational Lights
for dinghys
Super Bright LEDs
Folding Anchor system

Folding Anchor

Bilge Oil Absorber

Bilge Oil Absorber

Emergency Solar
Hand cranked
WeatherRadio & Flashlight   & Cell Phone Charger

Reflective Tape
Works wet or dry
Pack of 8
2 x 4 inch sheets

 S.O.S. Distress Flag

First Aid & Treatment
Marine Fire Extinguisher for boats

Mariner Fire Extinguisher

Water Packets
3 Day/72 Hour Supply
(12 Packets)

Marine Dry Storage Box
11.6 x5 x 7 in
Oversized Handle

UST Marine See-Me Auto Strobe Light (Yellow)

Life Vest
Signal Light
Visible for 2 miles

Personal Locating Beacon with Built-In GPS, Strobe and
121 MHz Homing Beacon

Life Ring Buoy
Life Ring Buoys 
20 or 24 inches

Whistle With Lanyard

Boat Hook
Extends from

Rapid Ditch
Abandon Ship
Survival Gear Bag

Toddler Life Vest

Neo Infant
Life Vest

Life Jacket
Storage Bag

Personal Floatation Device

Automatic Inflatable
Life Jacket
CO2 cylinder included

Marine First Aid Kit

Survival Essentials Floating Whistle/Mirror Combo

The Only Towels That Are Survival Tools

3  Pack
12 x 24 each

Toilet Paper
Flushes Easily
Dissolves Rapidly

Holding Tank Deodorizer and Wage Digester

11.4 x

Freeze-Dried Food for Provisioning  Emergencies - Made in the USA

Scrambled Eggs With Ham & Red & Green Peppers

Scrambled Eggs
With Bacon

Spaghetti with
Meat Sauce

Rice & Chicken

Chicken Fajita Filling

Beef Stew

Lasagna with
Meat Sauce

Meal Kit

Chicken Teriyaki

Pasta Primavera

Chili Mac with Beef

Beef Stroganoff
with Noodles

Grilled Chicken Breast
With Mashed Potatoes

Chicken &
White Bean Chili

Chicken a la King
with Noodles

Ice Cream Bar

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