Cooler Bags Made of Sail Cloth

  • Lightweight, easy to carry cooler bag in 3 sizes
  • Keep your drinks & lunch cold (or your hot soup hot) all day
  • Their thermal efficiency lies in their highly insulating foam, covered by an inner vapor barrier that keeps moisture out.
  • Off-white fabric reflects the sun and helps keep things cool
  • Heavy-duty inner liner is tough, leak-proof & easy to clean.
  • Outer fabric wipes clean with water and a little soap.
  • Handy outer pocket
  • Comfortable carrying handle & adjustable shoulder strap
  • Easy to carry, even fully loaded.
  • Gentle on boat finishes,
  • Embroidery on handle
  • 3 sizes: 8-pack, 12-pack, 24-pack

Coolers made of Sail Cloth


 Sail Cloth Cooler with embroidery on handle
Handle embroidery

 Embroidered 8-pack CoolerBag
6" high x 12" wide x 6" deep
No embroidery: $62
Embroidered 12-pack CoolerBag
12" high x 11" wide x 7" deep
No embroidery:: $82
Embroidered 24-pack CoolerBag
15" high x 12" wide x 10" deep
No embroidery: $99

sail cloth cooler - 8 pack

sail cloth 12 pack
sail cloth cooler
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