Beach Anchor Lines

Custom made to work with the Sandspike each line has a 9" loop on one end for connecting to the Sandspike and a stainless steel clip on the other for connecting to your watercraft.  Both ends are triple stitched for added strength. All lines are made of 100% solid braid polypropylene, are completely washable, colorfast, UV protected, floats and always stays soft.

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5 ft or 15 ft lengths
Available in 8 colors
Stainless Steel Clip

This 5' line is perfect for keeping your watercraft on the beach andwhen you need a shorter line


This 15' line is perfect for keeping your watercraft off the beach and when  you need a longer line.





This line is perfect for
when you need a longer line and a float.
Comes in two lengths:
15 ft is $25.95
40 ft. is $48.95


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